Interview with Terence Fixmer

Interview with Terence Fixmer

I still treasure those Belgian electronic bands!

Just before BIM-day we managed to ask our aftershow ambiance master TERENCE FIXMER some questions about Crash Course in Science, Bimfest and his plans for us that night!

I believe you are one of the few well known electro/techno dj’s that has no problem exposing his roots and influences, why is that?

Of course not, like everybody I had some influences which drove me in my music creativity and I like to show to my audience where it comes from.
To play and to show my musical roots is a way to give homage to those band that influenced me.

What do you know about the Belgian electronic underground scene from the past?

I was addict to all this Belgium electronic bands from a;Grumh…, A Split Second, The Neon Judgement, The Klinik and of course Front 242 and etc..
I think that music is fantastic in terms of creation, and Belgium was the best!
There were so many good bands and so many cool tracks with amazing atmosphere and great electronic sound. Those Belgium band were precursors and for sure they belong to history of today’s electro and Techno, with no rules and just artistic and creativity. I treasure so many of those bands I mentioned before in my heart and it’s still a please to listen to their records.

Which new and not so new Belgian bands do you (still) like /follow today?

I still like to listen to Dirk Ivens ‘s projects, The neon Judgement and Front 242, those bands belongs to my electronic education and so I like to see what is going on with them…new tracks, re-editions, remixes … everything.

How/why/when did you decide to release the Crash Course in Science remixes ‘Cardboard Lamp’ and ‘Flying Turns’ on 12”.

I always loved Crash Course In Science, even if they only released a few tracks they were amazing, sounding so industrial, with a great electronic groove and ambiance.
Then, after I did the compilation Aktion Mekanik, I came in contact with them and I decided to re release some new remixes of those classic songs.
Even the band made a new remix of their track and again it sounds great and modern.

How can a band with such a little discography become so important/know in the electronic scene?

Just because their tracks were precursors, they became big classic electronic club tracks. They had a unique sound and style.
I think CCIS are still underground, but could have been more famous as well. For me CCIS is a kind band like of Liaisons Dangereuses, a musical experiment, with great basslines, and no compromises.

You played our Bimfest before with Fixmer/McCarthy any (good) memories about that night and/or general impressions of our festival?

Yes I remember! It’s always a good crowd with a good knowledge about music and there are passionate people. So it’s a pleasure to play for this crowd because u can test and try thing as this crowd is really open minded.

Which bands are you looking forward to see this year?

I would like to see them all, with a little preference for CCIS, as they played live for the 1st time since more than 15 years, and because they will introduce some unknown track as well. And of course, I’m happy to meet them in real life after so many years of exchanging e-mails.

What can we expect from you that night?

I don’t know yet, I think I will let my feeling go with the flow … but I will probably some old classic track from all those classic band I mentioned before, and maybe some unreleased material from me and Fixmer/McCarthy as well.
I will try cover a big spectrum of music, mixing some New Wave, EBM and classic electro … So it will be tracks from 1980 until 2009

Any message to our readers/visitors?

Follow your instinct, don’t follow the hype :)

Thanks for your time!

Peter Mastbooms