QEK Junior Interview

QEK Junior Interview

QEK Junior

The “wave and goth” scene nowadays seems more or less to be a part of the “fun generation”.

Hello guys, could you in short introduce the members behind Qek Junior and explain us why you picked the name Qek Junior for band name… We learned that ‘Qek Junior’ refers to a popular type of DDR caravan?

QEK Junior are Tobias Dupont and me, Dominic Daub. Tobias handles the technical stuff, me, I write the songs – and I am the singer. We've chosen the name “QEK Junior” because I own one of these little caravans – and I guess it is like our music: minimal, anti-modern – but on the other side loveable.

Would you agree when we state that Qek Junior makes ‘minimal electronics’? Why or Why not? If yes, does Qek Junior considers itself as a part of the minimal electro scene?

We describe our music as minimal wave. I guess that's okay. We try to write simple songs with simple equipment and especially me, I have my punk and wave origins. But I don't know if we are part of a scene. We have some good friends in that “scene” for example Phil (The Rorschach Garden), Dirk (Echo West) or Doc Kernkrach who runs that crazy label in Warendorf (Kernkrach, nvdr). Don't know if that makes as part of that scene?!

It seems like Qek Junior, as in the band name, in the music genre and even from a textual point of few, has a certain nostalgic feel around it… Was it the goal to create an typical independent ’80 electro wave atmosphere?

Well, it happened more or less by accident. We use old equipment, “real” synth and hardware sequencers. I guess it's no wonder that we sound “old school” cause we use old equipment and “produce” on eight-track-recorders, not on computers. On the other hand, we got musically socialized in the eighties. And when we started “QEK Junior” I listened a lot to bands like DAF, Nitzer Ebb or Chrome. That's it...

By how far the political or social points of view are important to incorporate in the music of Qek Junior… in the ‘80 every scene band was a kind of socially involved now it seems more an exception to the rule. What’s your opinion?

We are not an agit-prop-band or something like that. We have our political opinions. By the way, we have often political differences inside “QEK Junior” and sometimes we write things about politics like for example “Atomkonsens”. But I think you are right, the “wave and goth” scene nowadays seems more or less to be a part of the “fun generation”.

The debut album was released February 2009... How were the reactions so far and does the album obeys it’s title “Ausverkauf”?

The reactions were pretty good, we had excellent reviews. But we have still some copies left for the Bimfest audience!

What’s the song “Yoshiwara” about? Seems like this song that got things rolling for Qek Junior. And”1/0” ain’t the result of a football game I suppose?.

Yoshiwara is a Nightclub in Fritz Langs' Metropolis-movie where that female robot, the false Maria, dances. That's all. I like silent movies! “1/0” is taken from binary code. It's about people thinking in simple black- and white schemes.

What if each of you had to pick a favorite song from this album? Which would it be and why?

Uuh, that's hard to say. Ask a father, which of his children he loves most... ;) I guess “Kopfkino” is that song that mostly represents our sound.

Is the band busy recording new songs, so any new album or ep (or other) in the pipeline?

Yes, we are, we have recorded some new songs and some of them will appear on different compilations. And we will play at least three of them at the Bimfest. But we haven't yet scheduled a new album.

The 19the of December Qek Junior will be back in Belgium again…What’s your opinion on this little country and the audience and of course the music (familiar with Belgian bands or you’d prefer the beer / chocolate or fries)?
Oh, I love Belgium, and I have spent my last year’s holidays in Middelkerke. I have played quite often with different bands in Belgium and it was always great! And yes, I like Belgian bands, of course. Front 242 were one of my favorites in the nineties, but I also like Lizard Smile (Albert, I need a copy of your new album!) and all that projects of Dirk Ivens. And a cold Hoegaarden is always a pleasure...

What’s Qek juniors opinion on The Belgian Independent Music Festival bill?


Any bands you’d like to see yourself?

Yep, Click Click, Crash Course in Science and Laibach. They are one of my all time favorites, and we are a bit proud to play with them on the Bimfest.

Any insider tips from you guys concerning new German bands who would fit well on the Belgian Independent Music Festival bill too (maybe next year?).

Puh, “Bakterielle Infektion”, “Echo West” and “The Rorschach Garden” have already played there right? (2 out of 3 are correct, but The Rorschach Garden never played on Bimfest, nvdr) Okay, I suggest “Die Perlen” and “File not Found”. They are both great... ;)

Finally, could you give our readers 3 good reasons why they should come and see Qek Junior?

Hey, they can find 8 good reasons on our album... And we are so nice and look brilliant! ;)

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