BIMfest 2009 AMGOD
Amgod interview

Amgod interview

AmGod, Dark entries had a chat with Dominik Van Reich

Hi, could you short introduce amGod to our readers since there has been a long gap between the amGod of the early nineties and the new version.

»amGod« is a dark-electro-crossover-project from Munich / Germany.
After my separation of the formation »yelworC«, where I had written 50% of the songs and being responsible for the final mixing and mastering proces and for layouting the artwork, I founded in December 1993 my new project »amGod«.

The name has got its derivation from the word »doGma« and symbolises the first commandment in the inverted sense »I am God«.
Similarity to »I am God« are conscious choosen. It doesn't connect only with myself, but also with the egotism in sense of the monothism, of every thinking individual. »amGod« is very simular to narcism (morbid or conceited falling in love with oneself) in the meaning. The most conflicts (like war, cruelness ....) are the results of envy, dissatisfaction, depression, aggression, ... in our modern society. The thirst for money, and the striving of power are destroying the existence of mankind. The name »amGod« symbolizes that kind of behaviour and egotism.

The past sound of my first solo album »Half Rotten And Decayed« (1994) continued my musical style under my work at the »yelworC« period in a consistent way... Dancefloor orientated songs and tension loaded soundtrack elements were transformed into a deep complex, song and sound architecture. Supported by hard and distorted vocals, combined with alternated dark sounds, the songs take the listener into a deep world.

The present sound of »amGod« is shaped by harsh guitar riffs, electro, industrial, and classical elements and very dancable beats. My hard and dominant vocals gives the music their darkly and threatening character.

What have you been up to all these years (seems you were busy in the techno/goa scene for a while?) and what was/were the main motivation(s) for this amGod comeback?

After some differences with my past label C.C.P (Celtic Circle Productions; nvdr) and Peter (Devin, former half of yelworC; nvdr.), I retrieved from the scene and stopped making music for a while. In the early 90's the ebm scene was detached more and more from the pure techno style. I liked the elements of this electronic generation and I started some projects in this area, especially for live presentation. I made some steps with an hardcore / hardtrance project called A.H.H. (Amgod's Hardcore Hell), the Goa scene with M-God and the newest one under my artist name Dominik van Reich with an electro / techno/ minimal project. Therefore I produced many tracks with some local techno-DJ's and I have co-produced some ‘more commercial techno style’ tracks.
The good old style I never forgot, and I have ever since liked it, but for a long time, I found, that there was not the right time to recover my amGod project. In the last years, one can determine, that there are many resurrections and that more and more a mixture of all electronic styles will be accepted by the people. So, I decided to continue with the »amGod« project and include all of my experiences and influences of the last years...

Can you tell a bit more about the guitar oriented project Ca$h Inc and especially your part in it?

Ca$h Inc is a more commercial rock project from a very good friend ‘Ca$h’ of mine. It's a classical rock formation with drummer, bass player, two guitar players and keyboards. There I played the keyboard parts.
After playing many sessions together for fun, the band leader ‘Ca$h’ decided to produced a cd from it, called “The Yellow Elephant House and the Pieces of Death“. I made also the prerecordings for it and the preparations for the final mastering at an external studio.
Ca$h plays on the other hand, most of the guitar parts on my new album “Dreamcatcher“, which are really well done and professional.

A new amGod album should see the light of day! “Dreamcatcher“ could you tell us a bit more about it? (will it differ musically from “Half Rotten nd Decayed”, what will it be about thematically?)

As I said before, I made many experiences in different styles of music. So, all my influences will be adapted in the “Dreamcatcher” album. But be sure, that the people will recognize the amGod style. In order to cover up all my ideas and influences, I decided to produce a double cd with more than 20 songs. One will be more shaped by harsh guitars riffs, based on electronic elements and the other one will have more electro / techno / industrial/ soundtrack elements.
The thematically background will contain the abysses of mankind and the decline of today's society. There are for example the songs “Schuldig” and “I am Innocent“, which show a perspective side of a mass murder. Or “War Trap“, its concentrating on the always actual theme of war. The track “Dreamcatcher” will be the opening track. It will describe how the powers of darkness will stretch out their hands to your seeming secure dreams.
Like my opening track on the yelworC “Brainstorming” cd (“Funeral Procession“) or the last intro of the amGod “Half Rotten And Decayed” cd (“Fall Out“), “Dreamcatcher” will come also with soundtrack elements and very hypnotic beats.
Furthermore I will put at least 3 remixes of older songs on the album. There will be a newer version of my yelworC hit “Soulhunter“.
You will find there also finished versions of “Crime!” and “CyberChrist” from the album “Crime!” (included in the “Half Rotten And Decayed“ 3cd box, which was not authorized by me for my last label C.C.P.
Perhaps I will decide, to make one more remix of an old yelworC song... Anyway, there will be enough stuff on the album to satisfy the audience. :-)

The new album was scheduled for summer 2009 , why the delay?

First I wanted produce only one cd, then I decided to make a double cd with more than 20 songs... This will need it's time, and I hope to be finished with the recordings for the new album in the beginning of 2010.

Is the release planned in the short run? I noticed a link to the Belgian Alfa Matrix label on your website. Will “Dreamcatchere” be released on that label?

Before Séba Dolimont (in the past a member of the band Aiboforcen and now label and artist manager of Alfa Matrix) and me were on the same label (C.C.P.) in the past. Now, our ways crossed again and we get connected to speak about old times and our experiences. I like his label and appreciate their work and so I linked them in my band webpage. We will see what will happen...

I suppose a few new songs will be played live on stage on the Belgian Independent Music Festival could you give us the titels of the songs in advance...?

That much can be betrayed: If I play older songs, then they will be performed on a new way. At the moment I am in preparation for the concert, and it's still uncertain which songs I finally will play. Furthermore I don't want to break this secret... :-)

You have a past in yelworC. Any chance of a song live on stage from this band and how do you cope with the past of this cult band? I guess everyone asks you about it now yelworC also seems to have a seconde life?

Yes I do have a past in yelworC. As I described you in your first question I was a big part of it. Every time there will be a chance to hear one of my old yelworC songs, but as I said before, on a new way.
For all interested readers: You will find the whole tracklistings of all the publications and their authors on my band webpage.
I have definitively finished with the yelworC period. After such a long time, I don't want to use any energy on this chapter. Peter goes his way, I will go mine.

In 2004 a 3cd box “Half Rotten and Decayed” was relaesed on a ressurected CCP label . Seems it was a relaese without permission of the artist. Your opinion about it? There is no business like music business!?

Shit happens... What you give, is what you get...

How important is technology to you and your daily live and how do you connect technology to a rather dark and occult aura that lies over a project like amGod?

I was grown up with the first computer technology, like the Commodore C-64 computer and later with the ATARI computer... At that time, this medium was brand new, and I was wondering, what one will get out of this ‘fabulous technical archiverend’ :-)))
I made my first electronic musical steps on it, and I attended to all the developments of the further technologies.
Answering interviews, making promotion, ... is without having the computer technology unthinkable in this present time. Nobody will send you a handwritten letter today.
I think, that technology doesn't have a connection to the thematically contents of amGod. Its only the carrier of my intentions for my musical inspirations.

Would you consider amGod an occult, or better a spiritual band? Why or why not?

Occult defenitely not. Rather spiritual, because everyone is his own God and has to take the responsibility for his deeds and has to deal with the consequences.

If you got five words to describe the sound of the new album “Dreamcatcher” / or the new amGod sound which words would you choose...

Harsh, unique, deep, complex and gloomy.

Can you give our readers 3 good reasons why they should watch the amGod show on the Belgian Independent Music Festival?

The live experience at a concert is always different than an album.
Because Qek Junior plays before me and 32Crash after me and its cold outside. :-)
No one can be sure, when the next amGod concert will take place, maybe after another break of 15 years, who knows?

For which band(s) will you leave the backstage and come and watch the show?

All of them. If I find time to...

Kurt Ingels