BIMfest 2009 SOL 19

SOL 19SOL XIX has the honor to open-up the 8th edition of our BIMFEST.

Not only because they are a fine bunch of people, who are always ready and keen to play on our events like our Minimal x Maximal series in 2007 & 2009, but also because they managed to create an own special sound which seems to result in a ever growing fan base as we witnessed ourselves during their Minimal x Maximal appearance at Bar Mondial.

Check the video’s below!

SOL 19Biography:

SOL19 is a collection of musical recordings, sprouted from the mind of ka(oz), it carries a suitcase of (love)songs from along the way.

Starting together with Rat-Project from 1986 (under different names), SOL19 has been influenced mainly by bands like Joy Division, New Order, The Cure, The Sisters of Mercy, Front242, Dead Can Dance, and from there, so many others.
From 80's new wave and electro, through 90's trance, ambient, psychedelic, over hiphop, space and classic. All these styles can often be found into one song, but in such manner that gives SOL19 its typical sound.

Over more than two decades, twelve albums were composed, however, unpublished. In the future, they will become playable online.

From 2007, Roefke has joined to play the bass, trying to pull SOL19 out of the cave and get it playing live. As before, Rat-Project plays the synths, while ka is singing (correction:wining).

Official website:


- SOL 19 (CDr, Album) Not On Label 2009

- SHADOWS IN THE DARK (MM002) (2007)

a 100% Belgian underground electro 12” picture disc


A1. SYNTHETIC - Legacy
A2. MORPH CONTROL - Easy Terms
A3. DARKMEN - Industries V2
A4. SOL XIX - The Real You
A5. CRUISE (CTRL) - Crown's Nest

B1. SYNTHETIC DREAM - Halfway To Destruction
B3. NTRSN - Discipline
B5. PROPULSION - Below The Surface