BIMfest 2009 RED ZEBRA

RED ZEBRAOur second Belgian band in line is no-one less the RED ZEBRA, a band that wrote Belgian pop history in the early 80’s with New Wave anthems like ‘The Art Of Conversation’, ‘Polar Club’ and party classic ‘Can’t Live In A Living Room’.

Everybody will agree with us if we say that it was about time we invited this legendary band to play our festival. The recent release of their vinyl only album ‘Eighties’ and of course their strong back catalogue and the reputation of their energetic live shows were reasons enough to convince us … finally!

Red Zebra promised us to bring you a special ‘Eighties’ orientated live set so get out that living room and witness that Red Zebra is not a dead zebra!


1978, 4 teenagers are influenced by the "punk-movement" coming from the UK. They start a band called "The Bungalows". Soon they change the name into Red Zebra, do some gigs, play support for The Cure and The Undertones and in 1980 they are in the finals of Belgium's well know rock-rally from the magazine 'Humo'. There they played 'I can't live in a living room' for the first time in front of an audience. The single became a massive hit, and the band started touring all over Belgium and Holland. In the early eighties some more singles and albums followed. The mini album 'Bastogne' is still known as a masterpiece!

1986 was a difficult time for Belgian bands and Red Zebra split up. Peter Slabbinck starts new bands like 'Boy Wonders', and 'De Lama's'. Geert Maertens and Johan Isselee start a band called 'His royal Fume'.

1990.The 3 original members gather together. They plan some reunion-gigs. It is a massive success and they decide to get back together! The goal is to write new songs and make new albums. New cd's follow, (Yes, already cd's), and with the album 'Don't put your head in a bucket', they have a new hit album!

2008.30 years have passed. Joined by new band members Sam Claeys and Chris Deneve, They record a live album in Leuven. The band is touring again!

2009. The band releases a vinyl only compilation album ‘Eighties’ containing their greatest ’80 hits. Red Zebra finally plays on the renowned Belgian Independent Music Festival!

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RED ZEBRADiscography:

* Bastogne (EP) (1981)
* Maquis (1983)
* From Ape to Zebra - Best of (1992)
* A Red Zebra is not a dead Zebra (1994)
* Mimicry (1997)
* Last Band Standing (2001)
* Don't put your head in a bucket (2002)
* Spit on the city (2004)
* Kookaburra (2004)
* Eighties (2008)