QEK JUNIORQek Junior, minimal electronics for maximal pleasures on Bimfest!

Qek Junior was formed by accident in 2005 when the two likeminded spirits, former The House Of Usher (goth rock outfit from Germany) guitarist Dominic Daub and Tobias Dupont were messing around with synths and sequencers.
In 2007 the vinyl ep “Qek Junior” was realized and immediately gained, with it’s clever minimal electro sound, a cult following.
This year the album “Ausverkauf” was released by the German Danse Macabre label containing 10 irresistible minimal classics for the new ’80 minded electro wave generation.
Get minimalised for maximal pleasures on the 19the December on “Alcohol and Ephedrin”!

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In case you are wondering were their name QEK Junior stands for:


Since their founding, autumn of 2005, QEK Junior, from Simmern, have developed themselves to one of the most promising acts of the booming European Minimal and Elektro-Wave scene. This project, of former „The House Of Usher “ guitar player Dominic Daub (singer/programmer) and his companion Tobias Dupont (technique & effects) creates smooth, minimalistic, but highly danceable songs that would have reached easily top positions in the early eighties international pop charts.
Despite recognizable parallels to the ones like “DAF “,”The Invincible Spirit” and maybe early “Clan Of Xymox”, QEK Junior achieved to cultivate a completely own and characteristic sound. No wonder that, the in Minimal circles highly renowned, “Kernkrach“ label signed the band immediately and released their debut EP which got positive reviews all over the world and sold out almost instantly.

In February 2009, Dance Macabre released their first full album “Ausverkauf” on which QEK Junior stayed loyal to their hypnotic sound. Although the increased danceability of the new tracks, they still manage to stay as far away from today’s “Powernoise” and “Futurepop” clichés.
Probably this is one of the reasons why the international press picked up QEK Junior and gave them praising critics.

Meanwhile a packed try-out gig on our first Minimal Maximal night at Bar Mondial, Antwerp, proved that QEK Junior is ready to conquer the rest of the world!

QEK JUNIORDiscography:

  • Qek Junior, vinyl ep 2007
  • Ausverkauf , cd, Danse Macabre 2009