C CAT TRANCEC CAT TRANCE (UK) was founded by John Rees after leaving the Britsh post/punk band Medium Medium, beginning ’82. C Cat Trance produced avant-gardish wave/dance/funk sounds ahead of their time, their greatest artefact being ‘Shake The Mind’ (1986). A true New-Wave club classic, which still can be heard in today’s alternative clubs around. It has been from ‘89 that C Cat Trance played on Belgium soil (Ancienne Belgique) so don’t miss this unique chance to ‘shake the mind and release your body from being tied to the ground’!

Short Biography:

In the early-1980s, after leaving Medium Medium, Rees Lewis started C Cat Trance. The first releases and gigs were with original Medium Medium drummer Nigel Stone and sound recordist Rob Hodgkinson.

C Cat Trance produced world/dance/funk sounds ahead of their time, and, with a floating membership varying between two and eight, played infrequent gigs—beginning at Pandora's Musicbox in Rotterdam in September 1984—and more often in Europe (Germany, Switzerland, Austria, Belgium, Holland) than the UK.

C Cat Trance released a series of records and CDs on Red Flame/Ink Records through the late 1980s and early ‘90s:


· Mini LP: C Cat Trance ~ 33/45rpm (Red Flame 1983)
· Dreams of Leaving ~ 12" (Ink 1984)
· Khamu (She Sleepwalks) ~ LP (Ink 1985)
· She Steals Cars ~ 12" (Ink 1985)
· Shake the Mind ~ 7"/12" (Ink 1986)
· Screaming (To Be With You) ~ 12" (Ink 1986)
· Zoave ~ LP (Ink 1986)
· Ishta Bil Habul! ~ 12" (Ink 1987)
· Play Masenko Combo ~ LP/CD (Ink 1988)
· Jinniyya ~ 12" (Ink 1988)
· Les Invisibles ~ CD (Ink 1992)
· Hobb (Pro-Tech-Tion Mix/Mad Basic-Ali Mix) ~ 12” (t:me 1993)
· Karadara ~ CD (Cherry Red 2005)

Tracks also appear on various compilations. Rees was sampled playing snake charmer on Egyptian Empire’s The Horn Track, which was in turn sampled by The Prodigy for Climbatize on their album, The Fat of the Land.

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