BIMfest 2009 AMGOD

AMGODamGod , intelligent harsh electro with a cult reputation...
After the separation of the formation yelworC, mastermind Dominik van Reich presented his solo-project by the new conception amGod, called into being at the first of December 1993.

The name has got its derivation from the word doGma and symbolizes the first commandment (of every religion) in the inverted sense. I am God. amGod presented their debut album in 1994 and showed great skills in fabricating harsh, danceable yet dark electro tunes full of daily life horror. The most conflicts (like war, cruelness ....) are the results of envy, dissatisfaction, depression, aggression, ... in our modern society. The thirst for money and luxury, and the striving of power are destroying our existence of human being.

The present sound of the in 2009 resurrected amGod is shaped by harsh guitar riffs, electro-industrial sounds and danceable beats. The hard and dominant vocals of Dominik van Reich still gives the music their darkly and threatening character.

Be warned, a cult phenomenon has risen from the grave! After one year studio-workout, amGod will distribute the new album Dreamcatcher at the end of 2009 , which argues with the abysses of mankind and the decline of today's society...

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  • Half Rotten And Decayed (Celtic circle Productions 1994)
  • Crime! (Which was only available as download by Celtic Circle Productions)
  • Half Rotten And Decayed (Box) (distributed (including one live-CD and one live-DVD by Celtic Circle Productions) (contains 'Half Rotten And Decayed' & 'Crime!'« (2004)
  • Dreamcatcher (to be released, 2009)

With yelworC

  • Rising as Phoenix from its Ashes (1988) cassette demo
  • The Mystery Side of Democracy (1988) cassette demo
  • Flash, Wards, and Incubation (1989) cassette demo
  • Dis-Cover and Con-Trol (1989) cassette demo
  • A.I.W.A.S.S. (1990) cassette demo
  • Satanat (1991) (Danse Macabre) cassette compilation 1987 - 1990
  • Tanatas (1991) (Danse Macabre) cassette single
  • Brainstorming (1992) (C.C.P./Semaphore) CD album
  • Blood in Face (1993) (C.C.P./EFA) CD EP
  • Brainstorming (1994) (C.C.P./EFA) CD album reissue
  • Collection: 1988 - 1994" (1995) (C.C.P./EFA) 2xCD compilation