BIMfest 2009 32CRASH

32CRASHThe electronic dance project 32CRASH rapidly entered the spotlights a few years ago thanks to the fact that their frontman is no-one less than Jean-Luc De Meyer, lead-vocalist of Belgian legends FRONT 242.
For producing the music of this sideproject, De Meyer teamed up with partners in crime Len Lemeire (IMPLANT) and Jan D’Hooghe (Implant, Ringel-S, ex-drummer VIVE LA FÊTE).

An electronic superband, that’s right! Their debut-cd ‘Weird news from an uncertain future’ was praised as one of the best electronic releases of 2007.

In 2006, 32crash already surprised friend and foe @ BIMFEST with a blasting live performance as a last-minute replacement act for Spetsnaz last minute annulation.
Now in 2009 they are back in full force!!


Earth, Year 2107.

Transferred in the future through time technology, the 3-brain morphing viral entity 32CRASH infiltrated the omnipotent reigning Universal Order in order to first sabotage then ultimately destroy its absolute power on the human masses that survived the Alien Wars of the end of XXIst century. In this future declining & greatly damaged world where dust and drought have settled down, where matter has become gradually unstable, where the major part of the land is inhabitable and where almost all living species besides bugs, flies and porcupines are virtually extinct, the 32CRASH infiltrators first noticed gigantic inter-dimensional crashes generating unpredictable apparitions in the 3d dimension of demons, angels, ancient divinities and even unexplainable abstract shapes.

Orchestrated from their headquarters way below the surface of the Earth, the 32CRASH multi-dimensional raids revealed that the so-called miraculous “Isomodia” medication massively sold to humans and allegedly supposed to maintain the human psyche in balance, was in fact inducing at random the very effects it claimed to fight, triggering wild mood alterations ranging from euphoria to despair. But the electronic three-headed commando discovered much more, collecting unprecedented evidence of the devious schemes used by the Universal Order in order to plunder the world and to enslave its population. Now they know enough to strike the evil ruler of the earth at the head and to empower humanity to shake the chains of decades of disillusion and exploitation.

32CRASH is the new (de)generation of a music branch once called virtually extinct, bound to seed chaos in the Universal Order through its electronic holograms and witness. Will their assaults be enough to stop the planet from sinking into the slow crash of a pre-apocalyptic darkness ?

32CRASH's pop'n punk industrial clash will alter your life and senses. Extensive mass manipulation has been initiated at a level from which there is no possible return. The nightmare is about to stop… or to get worse.

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(CD, Alfa-Matrix 2007)


1 Humanity (3:41)
2 Merlin's Gun (3:13)
3 Lone Ranger (3:44)
4 Isomodia (3:12)
5 Merlin's Gun (Patrick Codenys Mix) (3:16)
6 Lone Ranger (Sebastian R Komor Mix) (5:05)
7 Humanity (Dany Rodriguez Mix) (5:21)
8 Isomodia (Side Effect Mix) (4:18)
9 Fibers, Carbon And Germs (2:42)
10 ioR eL (2:27)


Weird News From An Uncertain Future
(CD, Alfa-Matrix, 2007)


1 Time To March On (1:10)
2 Dust And Drought (2:47)
3 Spacemen And Poets (3:16)
4 Slow Crash (3:32)
5 I Remember (3:17)
6 WWW.Hide (3:21)
7 Merlin's Gun (3:42)
8 The War Of All Against All (3:32)
9 Liquid Ice (1:36)
10 Hérissons Et Porcs-Epics (3:14)
11 Plutonian Breeders (3:12)
12 Let Me Enjoy (3:40)
13 Planetarien Plant-Objects (0:49)
14 Propaganda (2:46)
15 Beware! (3:30)
16 Isomodia (3:12)
17 NTT (2:45)
18 Fast Crash (2:36)
19 A Last Shower (0:50)